Mission, Vision & Objectives

Mission Statement of QEC, UST, Bannu

The Mission of Quality Enhancement Cell at UST, Bannu is to ensure and improvequality of higher education and to produce graduates who are competent to cope with the challenges of modern world.

Vision of QEC, UST, Bannu

To make the institute a great seat of learning which may lead to improve quality of education and make the current environment of higher education system compatible with the global education system.

QEC Objectives

The following are main objectives of the QEC:

i. To define clear and explicit standards and check the quality of standards through academic auditing.
ii. To enhance the teaching and learning standards and compatibilities.
iii. To ensure that the mission and vision of the QEC are materialized.
iv. To promote public confidence in ensuring and safeguarding appropriate quality standards in higher education at the university.
v. To ensure that the University™s quality assurance procedures are designed to fit in with the arrangements in place nationally. 
vi. To establish data bank on current status of educational quality at department level in the university.
vii. Analysis of data on quality assurance and formulation of recommendations in consultation with the concerned Head/ Chairperson/Incharge of each department.

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